A Lil’ Taste of Home

Hi y’all! I know what you’re thinking: man this chick has been away for a while. Yeah, I knoooow. I just got moved in and settled in Oregon!

So I’m back. Thank god. I have felt disgusting not eating 80/90% healthy and working out. So here it goes: I wanted some soulful feeling food that was good for my body! I’m a little homesick because I didn’t get to eat any southern food before I left Virginia. So I decided to make a healthier version of it. 

I decided to go with garlic mashed cauliflower. I was a little lazy and decided to go with the Trader Joe’s brand. But boy did it taste like the kind you get at a family barbecue. You know with the bits of bacon, still pieces of potato, garlic kind? I wish. Here was my spin on it. It was only 20 calories for a cup. Amazeballs!

Garlic mashed cauliflower 

  • Cook for 5/6 minutes at medium high heat and add 2 tablespoons of water
  • I added garlic, pepper, and red chili flakes

So I totally love anything stuffed food wise. And one of my favorite recipes is chicken stuffed with cheese. I picked up some pepper jack/Monterey mixed cheese with some basil and chicken. 

Usually if I wasn’t eating healthy, I would deep bread it (maybe even beer batter it). 

Stuffed chicken


  • Cut chicken (whatever size you want) in a half but not making a cut all the way through 
  • Stuff with desired cheese and garlic 
  • Sprinkle some pepper 
  • I added some butter for some more flavor 
  • Cook for 45 minutes at 450 degrees 

Enjoy! This recipe was fast, easy, yummy, and tasted a little like home. 

Until next time~ K


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