{Healthy} Coffee Oatmeal

Hey y'all! Today is Friday, aka the best day of the week. I started my day off with an early morning run with my Fitbit all charged! Also update: Starbucks has Matcha Lemonade and I'm over the moon excited!! I got an awesome to die for breakfast recipe for all you coffee lovers.  If you're …


Through a Lense: This Past Week

All about my trip, how I got back into it, cream of mushroom chicken quinoa bake, and more this week!

Cauliflower Loaded Nachos

Hi y'all! Happy Saturday. I've felt like it was Sunday ALL day. I'm enjoying relaxing with my pups and watching friends. I'm also trying to book my trip to Eugene Oregon (yippe??).  So the newest trend on all those tasty videos is using cauliflower as a substitute for grain/chips/bread/etc. I've tried the cauliflower fried rice …