Fast and Light Breakfast

Hey y’all!! 

It has totally been a while since I’ve made a post, and that’s on me. I took a personal week with finals in full swing, my boyfriend moving cross country, getting ready to move cross country myself, and other things. I’ve been super bad and haven’t ran/worked out in five days and I felt disgusting. 

Today I am back into it. I’m going to share my favorite kick start breakfast that gets your day going in the best way. 

!!!!Smoothie bowls!!!!

Seriously if you have not joined this fad, you defintley need to. 

Favorite add-ins: Acai Powder (super awesome for extra nutrients and antioxidants), Chia Seeds, Faux Seeds

Favorite toppings: Cacao (natural form of chocolate), granola (natures valley oat & honey), coconut shavings (yum!!!), melted peanut butter, fresh fruit (seriously anything)

Favorite filling: frozen mango, spinach, apple, banana, coconut milk/water, ice 


Frozen banana, blueberries, strawberries, coconut water/milk, chia seeds, ice

Also perfect for a nice desert. 

~until next time~


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