Miles & Charities 

Ladies and Gents! I am over the moon excited about a newly discovered app. I am one of those people that has a lot of passion about tons of different things and I love to volunteer/do charity work. I am also passionate about working out. 

SO imagine by excitement and a little bit of disbelief when I found that you could do both simultaneously. Seriously, I know what you’re thinking: no way Katie you’re crazy. Well, yeah kind of. Head to your App Store and download Charity Miles app right now!

How it works: you sign on and chose from one of THIRTY SEVEN different charities like Ahlzeimers awareness, ASPCA, Nothing But Nets (Stephen Curry is part of this), and the one I am getting my miles for: Stand Up to Cancer. 

The more miles you walk, the more money that is made. It can even run in the background on your phone. Go on a run? Take your phone. You can earn some serious money. 

There is even a team feature that lets you join teams you chose, locals, or random ones to get a competition going. Competition for charity am I right?!

When you finish your miles for the day, you have the option to share it on any social media platform to promote the app and cause you have picked. 

I can’t wait for this app to link to Fitbit, Apple Watch, Apple Health, and more!

So what are you waiting for? Go donate some miles!

~until next time ~


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