10 Must-Dos in the Bay Area

Hey friends! For this blog post I’m going in a different direction. I recently got back from visiting the Bay Area (twelve long days ago to be exact), and it is still one of my favorite places. It was a different experience getting to visit the area versus living there. Last year around this time I lived in the Bay Area, Alameda which is just shy of Oakland while working with the Oakland Athletics, loved it! So I totally jump at the idea of getting to be a tourist. I’ve compiled a list of must-dos/sights in the Bay Area. 

Disclaimer: I have in no way seen everything, or even close to it, in the San Francisco/Bay area. These are based off my interests. 

  1. Get clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl

I clearly love food. I mean why else would I put this first? Seriously though, San Francisco sourdough bread is a CLASSIC. It goes back to Gold Rush days, when using a sour starter was just about the only way the Forty Niners could assure themselves a reliable supply of fresh leavened bread. Clam chowder is even more indisputable in San Francisco. So imagine mixing the two together. I recommend Chowders. It is located on Pier 39. You won’t regret it. 

Seriously yum. 

2. See the Golden Gate Bridge

Sounds like a given. It is one of the MOST breathtaking views. You can also walk across it, which I would recommend. 

3. Fisherman’s Wharf

This is a total tourist hot spot, so be prepared to shove your way. It’s filled with restaurants, shops, entertainment, and the famous seals. They even have a shop dedicated to left handed people ( check it out ). They have shows in the middle of the pier. It’s definitely the hot spot, and worth seeing a couple times. 

4. Go to a ball game

The environment in California, especially for sports is incredible. I mean AT&T park is beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but I’m talking about one of the only dual stadiums around. Go to an As game, where 50% of the fans are the other team. It’s still the coolest experience. And if you’re lucky, the warriors will play right after and you can do both!

Make sure to play the raffle too!

5. Walk the streets of the city and take the cable car 

Check out Powell street, Union center, Cafe X, the list is endless. 

6. The Exploratorium 

This was honestly the coolest experience. It is essentially a hands on museum and everything is interacting. I was in there for 4 hours and I didn’t have enough time so make sure to allow a TON of time. Bring your student ID too. Also, eat before you go! 

7. Visit UC Berkeley 

It is beautiful, and that’s an understatement. 

8.Go to the pride parade in the city 

This was the first thing I did when I got to the city (by accident). It’s one of the biggest ones. 

9. Visit Lake Meritt (walk it if you dare)

This was my favorite thing to do. You saw all the culture in Oakland, got to see a small “city” feel, and meet tons of people. Plus you get lots of exercise. 

10. Visit Park Street in Alameda

I lived here so I may be biased. Alameda is a cute aclectic town. It has shopping, restaurants that have been there since the 20s, dessert shops, vintage shops,and tons of different vendors and food trucks on saturdays. Plus you are on an island, which means the beaches are cool too. 

There’s a ton of other things to do. I have so many favorite things to do in the city, in Oakland, in Berkeley, and so on! I hope you fall in love with the Bay Area like I did. 

~until next time~ K


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