Week one: through a lense

Hi friends. I’m going to take you through my workouts, meals, a new social media page to follow, and basically the down low. Ready? 

So I believe in adult torture. And by adult torture I mean: Crossfit. I have the unlimited membership which I TOTALLY recommend for anyone that wants to get into shape fast. I used to go when I was in the 8th grade all the time, and then I stopped when I was a junior in high school but I still played soccer. Then I went to college and everyone knows what happens in college. Anyways, crossfit was my answer. Okay, enough chit chat. My workouts: 

Monday: off day 

Tuesday: 25 minute run. It snowed so crossfit was closed. 


  • lift 3 sets of 3 front-squats at 85% off your max. 
  • WOD (workout of the day): 200 m run, 30 deadlifts at 95 pounds, run 400 m, 40 box jumps, run 800 m, 50 burpees 

Thursday: I was so sore I went for a 30 minute walk


  • Lift 3×3 bench press at 85% of your max. (Embarrassing: my max is only 80 pounds). 
  • WOD 5 Rounds for Time (RFT) 5 strict pull-ups, which means NO kip or any movement, 30 double under jump ropes or 60 single jump ropes. {time 8:05}

Saturday: so I work nights and don’t get off until 8:30 AM so I can’t make it to crossfit. I substituted a 25 minute walk/run with hills. 

This week was a little lighter then most. I work nights, like I said, and I slept in on Monday when I had a couple of nice days off!

Meals aka life

This week I experimented a lot and made some good meals. These are the featured ones. 

  1. Zucchini (spaghetti) shrimp scampi | recipe coming on the blog
  2. Healthy “fried” quinoa| recipe coming on the blog
  3. Mixed berry smoothie bowl | recipe coming on the blog
  4. Asian shrimp salad | recipe coming on the blog
  5. Loaded oatmeal | recipe coming soon on the blog

Social media 

I think this is huge. We spend so much of our time on sites like instagram, twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc. I want to provide you guys with a profile that I like to look at that keeps me motivated each week. When you see someone else doing it, it pushes us to want it. So here’s this week. 

Angie Bellemare 
This is her instagram. And you can follow her here     (http://instagram.com/angiebellemare). She is a beachbody coach and she is really inspiring. You can also follow her Snapchat: Angiebellemare. 

That’s all this week, until next time. 

Kindest of blessings – katie –


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