Cheat… code?

Top secret info enclosed guys!!! So today I went on my run (which I shaved 10 minutes off my time for my mile.. yes 10) which is huge because I hate running. Anyways, my time was shorter then I was used to and I felt like I “underachieved”. I decided to do some Insanity. I have P9X at home, but not insanty. Insanity used to be held at the gym I had a membership to in high school and I LOVED IT. It is something I decided today to get back into while doing crossfit. 

Well, if you’re anything like me you like to savesavesave. Yes, I refuse to spend money of my own on things like that because I tell myself I’ll do it myself. You’re in luck. I found 14 classes of Insanity online for FREE. No charge. No catch. You can access it here or here too. 

I did my fitness test today, so here are my honest numbers for you: 


It sucked. Good luck guys!
Greatest blessings -katie-


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