Don’t compare Michael Jackson to Drake or Chris Brown. Stop it. 

Earlier this week, for reasons that still remain unclear to me, I saw a couple of posts saying “Drake is the new Michael Jackson” or “Chris Brown is better then Michael Jackson”. Excuse me, is my generation so tone deaf and just utterly stupid? The proposition alone is just plain ridiculous. I mean do not get me wrong, I love Chris Brown just as much as the next person (what girl does not?). But I am pretty sure I have never heard someone listen to his one of his songs, or drakes for that matter, and proceed with “Wow no one else can sing like he can”. Chris Brown can not even out sing Trey Songz, or Ne-Yo, alas MJ. Drake is nothing compared to even Eminem or other performers. 

Just going off stats alone:  Michael Jackson’s songs spent 2080 weeks on the billboard charts, his albums spent 4458 weeks on the charts. He had 13 number one singles. 26 American music awards. 13 Grammys. 750 million albums selling world wide. How many thoroughly impressive albums does Chris Brown and Drake have?

Are you prepared to front Nothing Was The Same or F.A.M.E to Thriller? 

Before his death he was planning a huge concert at the O2 arena in London to hopefully start his comeback. 

Could you imagine what could  happen if he was still alive today? 

He was a pop culture icon. Chris Brown and Drake are a millennial avatar of black pop. Their music will not age as well as Thriller, Bad, Beat it, The Way You Make Me Feel, the list goes on. 

Comparing Michael Jackson to Drake or Chris Brown is like comparing Janet Jackson to Whitney Huston. Oh sure they are all talented, have tons of hit records, but one of them could just crack plants with just the strength of a vocal warm up. 
MJ was a tremendous singer, and revolutionary pop performer, who set dozens of international music sales records in the course of his career. He was truly a worldwide phenomenon. He gave so much to the world,  I don’t believe will ever be done again. 


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